Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sight and Sound: Speech Recognition is my Hero

Blinding The Titan ©2002 Michael O'Morah All Rights Reserved
Sighted, Blind or Vision Impaired one thing is certain, trying to read an iPhone, iPad or iPod is almost impossible if you haven't got the eyes for it. I was at the Bus Stop the other day and needed to make a quick decision on where to go to get a badly needed can of compressed air; enter, Dragon Search! This app has been my pillar more times than I can count. With Dragon Search you simply touch the "Record" button and speak your search terms.
After speaking my search terms I still had to run to a shady spot and take the time to read the information, but all I needed was a phone number. With the help of a magnifiyer I was able to find a phone number.  A quick touch of the finger to dial my iPhone enabled me to speak to a human being who informed me they did indeed possess my coveted can of compressed air! I then boarded the right bus to my destination. The next step will be for developers to take advantage of the expanded speech capabilities in iOS 5. A simple "Text to Speech" command or a "Read Links Aloud" command would go a long way in making life easier for the Vision impaired. 

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