Monday, August 5, 2013

An Immersive approach to College Studies not just for the Blind and Vision Impaired.

As a College Student, living with Serious Vision Impairment, I found myself neck-deep in Large-Print Texts and Recorded Books. But I found a way to make life a little more boring and yet my Academic Career much more successful.  First I decided to record every single Class Lecture and then I would listen to them again and again. I would play a lecture while I was eating and even as I went to bed and as I awoke for Classes the next Morning. While immersive Learning is no substitute for  hard work and serious Studying, it can help you fill in a few cracks in your memory and gaps in your Notes before that Test., Mid-Term or Final. If you take this Immersive Learning approach seriously and interactively as well as passively, that means jotting down and or verbally repeating important points in the Audio, you will cement some of those holes in your Knowledge. However, you can further your study set by recouping Notes and Verbal repetition of salient points from the Texts,appending and or annotating these to your Notes as well.
This studiousness will become even more valuable as you get into Junior, Senior and Masters Level Courses as anonymity in the crowd fades and participation and collaboration become much more prevalent. Not to mention the Volume of information you are required to store and bring forth makes Composition 101 pale in comparison. So try some immersive learning and always keep this Mantra for learning: See/or Read it/or Hear it, Write it/or verbally annotate it Hear it, Repeat it! I would love to hear from you to know how your Grades are doing. best wishes for a wonderful School Year!