Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Action Games For The Vision Impaired? It's all in the Aim if You Want To Play The Game!

You See My Point of View Now?
The way my eyesight functions is like looking through a plastic baggy smeared with milk and only 40% field of vision. Every time I find a First Person Shooter or other action game for the iPhone or iPad that gets me excited, I am immediately downtrodden to find I can not perceive the details well enough to aim or keep up with the action. Where's the fun in getting ventilated by a Tommy Gun every time you push Start; all because you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with a shotgun, Ouch! This fact has led me to seek games with an intuitive interface that either automates some visual tracking, aim or other action attribute that many games require you to control in order to add realism and excitement to the game.  So if you deal with Low Vision issues you often have to lower the bar in terms of expectations when choosing a game App. There is Hope however and it comes from not one but many games available in the iTunes App Store. Here is a list of some of my favorite action games and most of these great diversions are free or very low priced. You can read full details on these games in iTunes the purpose of my reviews here is based solely on playability from the viewpoint of Low Vision accessibility.
A Short List of My Current Favorite Games
1. Resident Evil 4: Lite - From Capcom
I'm not saying it's an easy game to play even if you have great vision but the graphics are clear enough and the action is not as fast paced as some games. This gives you time to explore, comprehend the action and participate. Plus the Reesident Evil 4 has an Auto-Aim option.  I am liking this game in Easy Mode for sure!
2. Army of Darkness Defense - From Backflip Studios.
There's an HD Version Too! Free For a Limited Time! This is a simple linear action game but it's simplicity combined with strategic decisions and relentless press of enemies makes it exciting, challenging and fun. Now on the iPhone I can't make out all the details and yet I manage to; survive sometimes, and win!
3. iBomber and iBomber 2 - From Cobra Mobile Ltd.
Lite Versions available too.  These games are great fun and have arcade style excitement that makes you wish you had a pocketful of quarters! As a former Marine, I am ashamed to admit it, but my aim i8s pathetic I can't even make it through the first level but I still have a terrific time wreaking mayhem on the forces below as I play iBomber.
4. Galaga 30th Collection - From Namco Networks America Inc.
Galaga is back! The arcade action in this is as good as it was in the 80's and there's more than one version. Best of all, it's Free! Just keep firing and dodging and you stand almost as good a chance as any other soul trying to save the Universe.
5. Great Little War Game - From Rubicon
Rubicon also offers Lite and HD Versions for the iPad. This Turn based strategy game I had to mention because ut does have some action animating your moves at the end of each turn. You can witness the results of your soldier's combat actions as they struggle to wrest control of Island after Island in bloody, remotely Lego-like, action.  The time based nature of the game makes it easy to get a magnifying glass to discern any fine points you may need to investigate when considering your next move. 
THE OBVIOUS. Angry Birds - From Clickgamer.com
All of the different versions are addictive fun! Need I say more?
That's all for now. I will continue to post my thoughts on accessibility in game apps as I experience them. I hope this was helpful and I will try to focus on the most up to date games. Keep your powder dry!

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